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Being able to return exactly what a customer is trying to find, instantly - is an eCommerce super-power. We've worked with various CS-Cart store & marketplace owners, to implement instant-search functionality, as well as auto-complete, recommendations, product filtering and more in order for them to display the most relevant products to their customers.

We've tailored systems that enable you to serve unique product recommendations and results, based on historical data, customer interactions and their interests. Our clients have seen increases in conversions, sales and repeat business thanks to the implementation of instant search technology in CS-Cart.

Leverage our powerful instant search knowledge and expertise to supercharge your eCommerce experience.

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  • Product Indexing

    Although CS-Cart caters for over 60 payment providers out of the box, we're here when you need bespoke solutions.

  • Search Suggestions

    There is an array of CS-Cart connectors on the market - but when you need your own integration, we can help.

  • Recommended Products

    CS-Cart has an easy to use, intuitive interface out of the box - but sometimes, bespoke UX/UI is required.

  • Instant Search Results

    Anyone can copy & paste a GA tracking code - but when you want in-depth analysis and tracking, we're here.

  • Filters & Facets

    We know the difference a small change can make, and can implement any CS-Cart alteration quickly & efficiently.

  • Search Metrics

    No matter what your CS-Cart add-on requirements, our developers can implement any additional functionality.

Relevant Search Results,
Tailored To Your Customer

Returning customers are 75% more likely to make a purchase, or fulfill a specific goal over new customers. Having an eCommerce store that is able to deliver consistent, relevant results to customers in a fast, intuitive manner - means you can retain up to 88% of customers that would otherwise drop-off due to a slow, bulky experience. Up to 39% of users will stop engaging completely when search results take too long, won’t load or are irrelevant.

Working with our partner, Typesense, we can help you develop a bespoke search flow, targeting your potential customers. We’re able to customize every aspect of the traditional eCommerce experience with instant search technology, meaning you can display relevant data, filters, recommendations, auto-completion and more - instantly.

Get in touch with our team of eCommerce experts to take your search experience to the next level, or learn more about our partner, Typesense.

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