Enriched CS-Cart Functionality,
With Powerful Add-Ons

CS-Cart has one of the most complex, powerful add-on engines found in modern day eCommerce platforms, allowing developers to easily implement bespoke functionality and modifications wherever it’s needed. We’ve become well versed with CS-Cart add-on development over the past decade, implementing unique and integral solutions for a multitude of different business sectors.

99% of the time, any additional functionality you require from CS-Cart, can be achieved through either a third-party, or bespoke add-on. Only in very unique and niche scenarios do modifications ever have to be made to the core software - meaning less hassle and headache when performing migrations, upgrading and in day-to-day tasks.

Our team of focused and experienced CS-Cart developers can tailor bespoke CS-Cart add-ons to fit your unique requirements, no matter what they may be.

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  • Payment Gateways

    Although CS-Cart caters for over 60 payment providers out of the box, we're here when you need bespoke solutions.

  • Connectors

    There is an array of CS-Cart connectors on the market - but when you need your own integration, we can help.

  • Interfaces

    CS-Cart has an easy to use, intuitive interface out of the box - but sometimes, bespoke UX/UI is required.

  • Tracking & Events

    Anyone can copy & paste a GA tracking code - but when you want in-depth analysis and tracking, we're here.

  • Tweaks & Enhancements

    We know the difference a small change can make, and can implement any CS-Cart alteration quickly & efficiently.

  • Additional Functionality

    No matter what your CS-Cart add-on requirements, our developers can implement any additional functionality.

Robust CS-Cart Solutions,
Built Around Your Workflow

Whenever approaching the design and development of a bespoke CS-Cart add-on, fit for a specific purpose, we begin by mapping the ideal functional requirements and workflow design. We work closely with our clients to deliver solutions that integrate seamlessly into their business.

We do not resell or re-distribute any work or add-ons that we’ve developed for our clients. Each add-on we create is with the specific functional task, and customer goals in mind. Our aim is to give each of our clients the most efficient, powerful tools in order for them, to achieve eCommerce success.

3D Product Media Showcases

We were tasked with building a 3D product viewer, integrated into the standard CS-Cart product image viewer. A backend interface was implemented, adding the ability to upload 3D media to products.

Business Rule Triggers & Editors

We successfully designed and developed a business rule editor, which enabled specific promotions and triggers to fire, on the addition and removal of customers from specific user-groups.

Customer Powered Recommendations

To improve the performance of recommended products, we tailored a solution which recommends products to customers on known variables, such a previously purchased, categories viewed most etc..

Typesense Search &

Working with our friends over at Typesense, we successfully integrated their super-fast object indexing engine into a multi-vendor store with hundreds of thousands of products.

Custom Import & Export Tools

Over the years, we have developed a multitude of different export tools and extensions for CS-Cart, allowing customers to export specific data and calculations in the exact formats they require.

Data Crawling & Storage Tools

We've been asked to create scripts and extensions which crawl external websites and API's in order to retrieve specific product and pricing information on several occasions.

Vendor Dashboard Customization

A multi-vendor store owner required a completely bespoke vendor dashboard, with matching business colours & branding - whilst retaining the standard CS-Cart multi-vendor functionality.

Additional Object Storage & Interfaces

We've created multiple add-ons to cater for additional objects, when customers require the ability to store, search and index data that isn't a product - for example, video games!

Enhanced Log Hooking & Indexing

Somtimes, we've had customers that require a more in-depth look into what's actually happening behind the scenes. We've created various enhanced logging add-ons, capturing business-critical data.

Multi-vendor Product Matchers

In a very unique scenario, we had a customer that required their vendors to have the ability to match new products to existing catalog items, through algorithmic matching.

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